Vehicle Locator

Reclaiming an Impounded Vehicle

If your vehicle was impounded by the police department or by a property owner due to being illegally parked, the following is important information for you to reclaim your vehicle.

1. Last Chance Wrecker is located at 305 S. Tibbs Indianapolis, IN 46241
To contact us by phone please call 317-972-9651.
2. We are open 24 hours a day and seven days a week.
3. We accept cash and major credit cards.
4. Charges will include the following:
-a. Towing Fee
-b. Administration Fee
-c. Daily Storage
5. Prior to having access to your vehicle you MAY need a release if the vehicle has a HOLD or needs a police release.
6. In order to inquire about a vehicle you will need to know your Vehicle Identification Number
7. A valid Driver’s License and Tag Receipt OR Title are required for anyone wanting to view a vehicle and/or pick up a vehicle.

The Vehicle will ONLY be released
to the titled owner or Power of Attorney holder.